Ship Spares and Procurement

Delivery of Spares is very Time Critical and essential for effective fleet management. This fact we at Maroos fully understand and take it upon ourselves to ensure that a cost effective and reliable solution is made available for our clients.

Our purchasing staff renders full assistance to the owners and technical department for completion of transaction that the management has created. This department is also responsible in drafting budget and managing various aspects of subsidiary activities. It also handles administrative procedures, quality criteria and customs procedures and permits in order to make sure spares and stores are delivered in time.

Against specific requirements, we may also supply other good quality equipment such as bearing pairs, heat exchangers, fresh water generators, pumps, motors, anchors, chains, firefighting equipment, communication / navigation equipment, deck equipment, other cosmetic fittings, etc.
The procurement of good quality used and unused ship board equipment is facilitated by our experienced staff. The spare parts are procured from the demolition sites and carefully inspected and certified at our stockyards in Bandar Abbas, Busher and Qeshm Island before being shipped to our workshops.