Maroos Mission & Vision


  1. To achieve growth and profitability through bringing value to our clients by understanding their needs.
  2. To always strive to be the best by offering fast, accurate and reliable service.
  3. To form and make available skilled, efficient and highly dedicated Human Resource by applying quality operation of modern technology and first class customer service.
  4. To establish close working relations with customers, business partners, relevant institutions and government in implementing the Company shipping business.
  5. To become a leading shipping company from the aspect of development, innovation and service quality.
  6. To build long term affiliations with our associates worldwide
  7. To create conducive working environment by giving priority to safety, integrity and work quality throughout the Company.


With above philosophy in place we believe we can achieve sustainable growth and become a leading shipping company with services ranging from specialized and commodity-type to mainstream segments of Iranian, regional and international markets.