About Maroos

When most think about Maroos Shipping Group, they relate to our good history in the Shipping and Logistics scene and our widespread geographical locations within Iran. The Group is headquartered in the capital city of Tehran and has centers in all main parts and hubs in the North and South of Iran.

Since the first Maroos operation in Iran by the Iranian entrepreneurs in 1994, the Group has evolved into a widely-recognized regional provider of integrated shipping, logistics, marine and related services of today. Maroos’s internationalization strategy is to use steady and consistent geographical expansion, achieved through organic / opportunistic growth, joint ventures, partnerships and acquisitions. Maroos is local in action and international in attitude.

Maroos Group is committed to ensuring customers’ needs for quality shipping, logistics and marine services. And with over 100 professionals working around the clock, speaking more than 10 languages, at more than 14 offices in 4 countries, we deliver on that promise.

The value of human dignity is one of the cornerstones of Maroos’s operating philosophy. We value long-term relationships - with business partners, customers, suppliers and our own staff.

Wherever you go, you will find Maroos people striving for excellence in everything they do, driven by a sense of determination and a desire to meet all their customers’ every service need. That combination of the personal touch with fierce professional pride is our corporate signature.

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