Bushehr Port

Bushehr Port


The port of Bushehr is located in 28° 58’ N and 50° 50’ E in the north of Persian Gulf. This peninsula is 12 km long and 3 km wide.

Bandar Bushehr began to live as a proper commercial port receiving ocean going vessels soon after the construction of two new general cargo berths in early 1960s. and then the dredging operations in 1970. Soon after the Islamic Revolution a general development plan was set, by which the coastline and berths extended to 2000 and 1036 meters in length respectively.

  • Distance to Tehran :1196 Kms
  • Distance to center of city : Approx. 100 meters
  • Distance to airport : Approx. 3 Kms
  • Min/Max. humidity : 21-98 %
  • Min/Max. temperature :10-40 Degrees Centigrade
  • Time zone GMT + 3.5 h
  • Pilotage Compulsory , vessels should anchor at the outer buoy and await pilot.

Sadra-Bushehr ship building & repair yard extended at the end of harbor basin equipped with a syncrolift of 2500 tons lift capacity, steel processing workshop and all kinds of machineries are capable of building fitting out and repairing any kinds of vessels up to 2500 tons onshore and any kind of major repair to bigger ships in anchorage/offshore area around the northern part of the Persian Gulf.

Furthermore, Sadra with a computerized spare parts service system, connected with major supply centers world wide is able to service shipping as and when required on a cost-effective basis.

Airport located in the vicinity of harbor establishments with a daily regular flight to all over the country makes it easy for the owners of ships and cargoes a quick turn-around business visiting to Bushehr when required.



Vessels on arrival at port roads should anchor at the outer buoy and await a pilot before entering a dredged channel of 7.4 mile length which can pass the vessels of 10 m depth and 170 m length. There are two approved anchorages, the Outer anchorage 7.4 mile away and the Inner anchorage 2.4 mile away from the port harbour.



Commercial No. 1 174 3.5 to 9 General cargo/Dry bulk/Container
Commercial No.2 174 3.5 to 9 General cargo/Dry bulk/Container
Dolphin (new) 180 4.5 to 9 Tankers
North Oil Terminal (Shariati) 64 7 Load/Discharge of Oil products
Barges Quay  286 5  
Persian Marine Quay 140 5  
Ghods Petrochemical Quay 100 5 Export/Import of Chemicals
Valfajr – 8 Quay 100 4.5 Passenger Transport



Hoisting machinery of various capacities and cargo handling machinery of different types are available.



  • Yards : 668,900 square meters
  • Warehouse : 30,312 square meters